A whole wall of technology and innovation! This kitchen is the only one of the Collection that is meant to be against a wall. With its complex structure this beautiful piece of furniture contains a lot of surprises.
Perfect for an Open Space, when closed it appears as a monolitic block with a glossy door with an integrated Mirror TV. Once it is open it unveales all of its storage compartments and a vaste range of appliances.


Structure in poplar multilayer.
Side coating in Okumè.
Work Top in stainless steel with sink and tap; 1 Induction Plate and 1 smoke extractor.
Tower with storage compartments; 1 wine cooler (brand Fhiaba); 1 fast chiller (brand Irinox); 1 Neff oven; refrigerated drawers (brand Fhiaba).
Structure with storage compartments
Measures: 380cm*75cm*H224cm.
Customizable in measures, materials and finishes.