A truly refined Kitchen. It is the only Kitchen of the
Collection with a coffer-like Hard Top opening. The
stainless steel structure is a perfect contrast to the Teak
finishes of the storage compartments and of the Hard
Top. The Work Top has Top of the Line Flexinduction
appliances; these appliances are innovative and
modular and they can serve as Induction Plates or
Grills. The most prestigious part is the Mirror TV which
is integrated in the structure of the Hard Top.


Structure and Work Top in stainless steel.
Hard Top in Teak with manual coffer-like opening.
Integrated Mirror TV.
Side cladding in stainless steel.
Work Top with sink and foldable tap; 1 Neff Teppan
Yaki and 2 Flexinduction plates.
Lower part with storage compartments and drawers in
stainless steel with 1fridge integrated in the structure.
Measures: 282cm*100cm*H103cm.
Customizable in measures, materials and finishes.